Where are we?

For the few people that stop by here, I thought I'd give a quick hello. Where have we been? Suffice to say that each of us has been deeply drawn into a host of obligations revolving around life and ministry. There is a marriage on the horizon for one of us, a child just entering the "terrible twos" for another, and some new developments in each of our ministries. Some of these new developments are exciting opportunities, while others involve some hefty challenges. Most are a combination of both.

The three of us aspired, at one time, to "holy fool"-hood. We had hoped that our shared blog would challenge the established order of things as a fresh voice in the Anglican web community. Maybe we'll get there in the future, but for now it seems that we are called to fully embrace our Real Lives.

(I'll follow this immediately with an unrelated post, and that will be the last you'll hear from Malt Viquor for a while).

It's been fun, folks, and we hope to be back in the unforeseeable future.

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