You know it was...a holy night

A year ago, a friend of mine sent this to me at a time when I needed a little inspiration. When the whole world was rushing and pushing and acting all secular Christmas-y, this helped me to slow down and really remember what the holidays are really about. A nice reminder away from all the commercialism and greed that seems to swirl all around and back to the basics. I found it spoke to me such that I had to share it with my husband and then, well, pretty much everyone else I knew who hadn't already heard it. Any way, I hope it gives you as much joy as it gave to all of us last year, and each time we hear it, because it really keeps giving and giving... sometimes for hours... even days later, it continues to ring in my ear and give a smile to my face. Even now as I type, I can't help but smile, as I think about you all receiving this gift for the first time. Merry Christmas from me to everyone, please enjoy!

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